Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Stars & Stripes TT at Nationals 4 for Idaho! Is it the H2O?

USA Cycling 2010 Masters Road Nationals
Louisville, KY

Something must be in Idaho "water" given the success at the top levels in cycling with so many different people in the last ten years!

Think about WN'ing by 4 min., as Jenn Halladay did ahead of 2nd in TT!!! That's huge! By the way Jenn is a mother of 5!

Idaho has produced some the best in the world! This has been going on for about 10 years now!

What is the buzz? All this given the time Wobble-naught has been breaking trail with the best cycling science you can obtain.

Is it the state of Idaho? We do have a great play ground! Not really, its more a state of mind! The buzz! People really focus on their pedal strokes! But if the bike is not set up for perfection, well, good luck!!!

Perfection = being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. And that can be with the WN CAD!

Our water runs outside the state should you check the real world results on our blog!!! It has for ten years!

There are many ideas, yet time and time again, WN rises to the top! Why? Its not the water, its because we have done our home work!

4 Stars-and-Stripes champions in hand with their jerseys will come home to Idaho following tt events at USA Masters Road Nationals.

Congratulations to
Karen Appleby-Kreig "Sam's wife" (WN) (Women 30-34)
Jenn Halladay (WN) (Women 35-39)
Patty Puz (Women 70-74)
Richard Feldman (Men 40-44)
In addition, Sam Kreig (WN) grabbed a spot on the podium by finishing 4th among men 30-34.

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