Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Laramie, Enduro "Amanda Carey" (WN'er)

How many times does this happen? People use our fit and they reach their dreams!
We don't make this stuff up!

They become Wobble-naught fast as people have for ten years now!

Amanda Carey, a WN user from Victor, ID just won Laramie race by 34 min.
Jill Damman, also a WN user from Jackson, WY took 3rd!

Our CAD software is proven to improve, efficiency, and comfort on the bike. We show and teach people how to go faster! The results say it all!

It seems that everyone claims to improve the science of speed? Why then does the cream rise to the top? Because it is the real deal and it works not for one, but for many to want to take their game to another level!

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