Saturday, August 14, 2010

Idaho's Rusch & Cary go 1 & 2 at Leadville 100

Think of the many fit systems and services, then note how many use WN to get to the top.
We need to recognize the people who take the time and effort to make a difference! They are "mentally strong", they are fierce competitors. You have to be more determined, have a aggresive attitude to be capable to contend for a win!
Think of the numbers who race and understand that the number two is better than one at Leadville-100, CO and understand that given all the fit ideas, WN & Idaho grows many cycling champions!
The techniques of a good rider is not easy to spot. Such a rider demonstrates independence of leg action. Another characteristic of today's good rider is the fluid flow of the whole body.
The fault of most riders is that they constantly attemp to pedal on their heels from a bad fit. They lack the knowledge of how to move the pressures upon their feet.
Gals from Idaho are a tough! Cycling is a progression. Each one of these gals went through novice to intermediate to expert class, (Kristin Armstrong, Georgia Gould, Jenn Halladay, Sima Trapp, Rebecca Rusch, Amanda Carey,Dr. Walter,Mrs Sam Krieg, and many others).Each of the above are Nat. champs in their game. They race as hard as the guys!
If you think you're top dog in your own area,, there comes the sudden jolt of being beaten by better riders from other parts of the country.
To compete against the international stars is not much like reaching the top of a ladder; it's actually more like arriving at the bottom of a new ladder, but now you have to look up again!
You earn a good starting position by improving your results.

#30 Rebecca RUSCH lives in Ketchum, Idaho and repeats her success in 2010 and has crossed the Finish Line with a time of 7:47:35.2 in 1st place. Rebecca worked with WN for a number of years teaching her how to pedal, before moving on to Specialized. She is a good egg and it's great to watch her make a name for herself.

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