Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pre La Ruta "EPIC" The hardest mtb race in the world!

Pre La Ruta, Jaco Beach


A little reconnaissance of the 1st climb revealed just what we remember from last time, lots of time in the 22/34!


Engin in gear, hitting the water, getting a lesson on "catching vs. fishing" in Idaho for rainbow trout the day after Halloween! Now he's in the water again? He will be in hot water if he doesn't keep the bikes dialed!

The bikes are dialed and ready for a 5am start time. Things went fairly smooth today and, Engin our Turkish mechanic even got out for a little surf time. He’s smiling now but lets see what 7 bikes and 4 days of La Ruta do for his morale.

Childrens Cancer Hospital San Jose, Costa Rica

Have you ever had your heart melted by the smile of a child?


Team Monavie-Cannondale had the humbling experience of visiting a shelter for children with cancer. It is located directly across from the hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica and serves as a home away from home for children and their families that can’t afford lodging during treatment.

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In the coming year Team Monavie-Cannondale will embark on a mission of raising money for the shelter and these kids. Next year when we return to La Ruta we will not only bring hats and t-shirts but will bring the financial resources to help additional children.


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