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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Utah Cyclocross #6: Wheeler Park, Salt Lake City, Utah- Results, Report, and Photos

Writing and photos by Shannon Boffeli

The weather in Utah just keeps getting better. Riders were treated to temperatures in the 70s and blue skies, which saw everyone riding in their shorts and short-sleeves. The time change meant it was an hour later by the race start which meant even warmer temperatures and the racers responded with some heated racing action.

Gillespie and Goulet were back at it again today

In the women's event, Church of the Big Ring rider Dayna Deuter was looking to rebound from yesterday's costly crash. Erika Powers (Revolution/Peak Fasteners) was looking to build on her first win of the season yesterday. Kris Walker (Church of the Big Ring) was also on hand after missing the Halloween race.

Kris Walker pushing the pace

When the gun fired it was Powers taking the lead followed by Deuter and Kris Walker. Walker used her fresh legs to take the lead on the first lap. Followed closely by Powers and Deuter who held a 10 second gap over Jen Hanks (Revolution/Peak Fasteners) and Chantel Olsen (PCIM).

Erika Powers keeps getting faster

Walker moved clear while Powers chased looking for help from Deuter. Dayna however was not about to help chase her teammate. Once the Revolution rider realized Deuter would be no help she cut her loose in pursuit of the leader. Dayna rode safely in third place with Olsen and Hanks consumed with the battle between each other.

With two laps to go Powers kept the heat on Walker. On the final circuit Powers had all but reeled in the race leader hanging just seconds off Walker's wheel. In the end Walker had enough left to hold off her challenger crossing the line just in front of Erika Powers. Third went to Dayna Deuter.

Chantel Olsen has another good race

That left Olsen and Hanks to duel for the fourth spot. Hanks pushed the pace in the singletrack while Olsen closed it up in the straights and with less than a half-mile to go the two riders were locked together. Hanks pushed the pace in the final part of the course intent to hit the final straight ahead of Olsen. Her plan worked perfectly as she gapped the PCIM rider before the line. With Olsen taking the five spot.

The men lined up with all the top contenders once again accounted for. Bart Gillespie ( and Ali Goulet (Church of the Big Ring) were both looking for a win after yesterday's explosive sprint finish.

From the start it was Goulet and Gillespie at the front joined by Alex Grant (, Sean Mitchell, Tom Bender (Kuhl/Scott), and the always enigmatic Jason Sager (Jamis). After the first lap Gillespie, Sager, and Goulet broke free and the trio checked out from the rest of the field. At the halfway point the three riders held a huge lead over the rest and it was clear the winner would be coming from this group.

Rasmussen on the chase

Behind the leaders Alex Grant was proving, once again, the he is perhaps the most unlucky cross racer in Utah as a flat tire dropped him deep into the field. Rasmussen took over the fourth spot with Bender finding himself in fifth after trying a new tactic and starting toward the front of the race.

Grant may be unlucky but that doesn't stop him from being in great racing shape. After trading out his flat front wheel he was back on the hunt making quick work of Bender before attacking Rasmussen once again taking over the number four spot in the race.

The leaders were too far ahead, even for Grant. They held a lead more fitting for a mountain bike race than cyclocross.

Jason Sager getting it done on his mountain bike

Up front, Goulet and Gillespie did most of the work as Sager, riding a converted mountain bike, seemed pressured on the road sections. In an interesting turn, it was the Monavie rider jumping the barriers today with Goulet choosing to run. Goulet's strong technique prevented him from losing time while on his feet.

Bart Gillespie clearing the barriers

On the final lap the scene was set for yet another dramatic sprint finish. With less than a mile left Goulet and Gillespie gapped the mountain bike riding Sager with just a short section of singletrack left to race. Goulet held the lead but Gillespie managed to sneak past in the final push toward the finish. Once up front Gillespie unleashed a stunning sprint toward the line. It was clear he wanted to win this one. The Monavie rider made certain Goulet had no chance of catching him today.

Sager crossed the line shortly after with an impressive third place followed by Grant and Rasmussen to round out the top-5.
Reed Wycoff (Contender) recovered from a slow start overtaking Thomas Bender late in the race finishing sixth with Bender just behind.

Check back next week for the next race in the Utah Cyclocross Series coming at you from the Weber State Fairgrounds.

Race Notes

Dayna Deuter minus her Easton rear wheel

Dayna Deuter's crash at the start of yesterday's race was costly in more ways than one. Not only did she have to make her way from dead last place but her Easton carbon rear wheel was destroyed in the wreck.


Men's A

1, Bart Gillespie Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
2, Ali Goulet
3, Jason Sager
4, Alex Grant
5, Eric Rasmussen
6, Reed Wycoff
7, Thomas Bender
8, Sean Mitchell

Women's A

1, Kris Walker Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
2, Erika Powers
3, Dayna Deuter
4, Jen Hanks
5, Chantel Olsen
6, Heather Edwards
7, Laura Patten
8, Christy Clay
9, Jennie Wade
10, Alison Vrem
11, Jessica Morris
12, Meaghan Cunningham

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