Monday, November 09, 2009

Know your Discipline!

After 10 years of asking people why they have their bike set up the way they have it, they respond "I don't know" I just did what my coach said or had a retail set it up. The guy is a top tri guy seems to know what I need?

Muscles drive the system!

Next time you watch someone go hard, note how they sometimes lower their head to dig in.

Ever wondered why your lower back can hurt after a weekend of ranking leafs? Even with thousands of miles of cycling, you get an ouch?

This is where things get confusing! Why are there so many fitting ideas on this subject? It's because of the ease that x,y,z fitting ideas that can be used in a laboratory setting if it's functional or not.

At the highest level we see the top pros doing the wrong thing. More is not always better! We have watched a few of our top guns fall in the ranking as they want to go harder, faster, and they put their head down and then wonder why they went slower? They don't understand the discipline differences!

We see them hit the road bike for training and train their mind and muscles for flats and then expose their lower backs to the hills they become ineffective. The same could be said for mtb folks getting into the road disciplines.

At first glance, it is easy to misinterpret the person getting into their game, getting lower only to go slower! They are trying harder to become more aerodynamic as they mash for all it's worth!
Wrong game! They just closed their hip and loaded up their lower back. Slower and an ouch!

You can un-train your muscles! Mountains and hills require more pedaling performance, you have to be more effective at delivering energy to the cranks.

Maybe that is why we have ruled the mtb world for about 10 years now!

We love to see the road, the tt, the tri, pursuit sprint pros force their styles that don't hold water on the trail!
So do our customers!

Our mtb solutions sets you up to be more effective such as climbing and loose soil! In fact most roads don't get as steep as some of the trails off-road.

What kind of fit are you getting?

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