Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving -Turkey Day! Enjoy & Eat up! Hike Later!

Funny how time moves on!

I was listening to a very close friend who has been on our system and a top dog "professional" in extreme endurance in Tri and at the local level in Road for over 10 years now. Note his guns (legs).

To the left is a pic of Tom Liby, going back those 10 years. Note the gear! Ha!

It's hard to believe that we have been working every day on this stuff. We lowered Tom's bike time by 20 min back then. We still lower people's times because you can't get around Newton's laws.

Funny how many fit ideas think they can? We see some very strange things coming from all the fit ideas. Ouch!

Ture the bikes are lighter, the wheels are better, the tire are better, etc..., but the human still has to build the muscle mass to boost the bike down the road.

Tom pointed out to me the other day how he made the mistake of not getting off the bike and allow his body to break down. In other words you will see people out every day thinking that is going to make a difference? You need balance, so get off the bike and go for a hike.

If you eat the bird, enjoy, but keep if you go for that 3rd plate to keep in mind Newton's second law of motion that states the net thrust force (F) equals mass times accelerates, in that the only way to boost the acceleration rate is to increase the applied force or decrease the mass.

Take a uphill hike, it will burn more of that bird off than jumping on the bike and take less time. I write this as I see 3 guys who just walked in from the 24-degree temps, who are sharing how cold it is even on the mtb. One of them said, I can't ride the road bike due to the wind chill at anything below 30-degrees.

Have a nice T-Day!

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