Friday, August 07, 2009

Week and Week - A Test!

Intermountain Cup Finals- Rock the Canyons

The local race scene is always critical in the development of athletes. Week and week out they can test themselves in a familiar environment while gaining valuable experience with pacing, nutrition, training, gear, and tactics without the huge time and resource investment that is required for a more epic-style racing. And yes don't forget the bike setup.

For 2009 the Intermountain Cup  has been the perfect testing ground for using Emv before, during, and after competition. Of the 12 Intermountain Cup races in 2009, 10 were won by Monavie-Cannondale riders with Alex Grant taking 5 wins, Bart Gillespie 4 , and Mitchel Petersen 1. The other 2  Intermountain Cup races were not contested by Monavie-Cannondale riders due to schedule conflict.

 The 12th and final race of the I-Cup was no exception and Alex Grant took another comanding win while using Emv as fuel during the last hour of racing. Does a good pedal stroke make a difference?  Guess so!


Over the course of the local I-Cup season the Team has been very successfull using Emvas a key component of race day nutrition. This leads to increased confidence in a nutrition strategy when traveling to the largest “Epic Races Around The World.”

Don't expect Alex to change from his WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish "know how".

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