Monday, August 03, 2009

Intermontaine Challenge "Good, Bad, Ugly"

Intermontane Challenge

$10,000 is Good, then the Bad & Ugly!

Stage 5- “Hell of the Desert TT”

With Team Monavie-Cannondales recent string of bad luck at the Intermontane Challenge, Sue Butler was taking no chances in the final Time Trial. With a large lead from her pedaling focus, she could afford to be careful and rumor has it she carried an entire tool box with her including spare parts and walked anything that resembled challenging terrain.


In the end she pulled it off and took home the $10,000 prize for the Intermontane Challenge Champion! On the men’s side of things, Chris Sheppard put in a solid TT to secure the men’s title and well the earned 10 grand. Thanks again to Chris for sticking by Ben and risking his race for a fellow racer, that’s what stage racing is all about!

Stage 4- “Top of the World”

“With all this road rash and bruising, I am very surprised there are no fractures.” - Trauma Doc

“Germans have strong bones” - Ben Sonntag



Happy Birthday Ben!


He never quits smilling!!!


The trauma ward in Kamloops!!! Can you say tough boys!!!


Big thanks to Chris Sheppard for sacrificing his race and sticking with Ben during his state of unconsciousness. He will make a true Intermontane Challenge Champion!!

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