Monday, August 31, 2009

George Hincapie knows Paris Mountain! USPro 3#

Hincapie steps on the gas and wins championship #3 at home in Greenville, SC.

August 30, Road Race: 177km

If you have not been to that part of SC, headed towards Brevard, NC or gone up Paris mt. you have no idea how steep some of the roads are and how those roads will bring forth every working muscle in your body. Here is where you are taxed by every muscle in your body. A poor fit will slow you down! Gravity plays a huge role on cycling. Far to many bike systems don't plug that into your game!!!
Jeff Louder (BMC) almost pulls it off, even gets a 10 second lead until the last 500 meters! A fast duo was coming fast. The last 1K, Hincapie puts on a power surge for his 3rd USPRO, pulling with him Andy Bajadali who kicks in his sprint at 300 meters. Hincapie was able to come around the last 150 meters for the win.
Louder attacked the lead group of 8 half way through the last lap, ends up in a sprint for 2nd, obtains 3rd only 3 seconds off. Super effort!
We know what that Paris Mt. climb is as we have been there for race camp! Steep, Steep, Steep! We also know that George uses it as his training ride, so he knows it well. It pretty cool to see all the yellow jersey's that are in George's brother Rich Hincapie office in North Greenville, SC.
There seems to be a fitting system around every bend int he road. What's behind their ideas?
We time after time always have people up front!!! There is a lot behind what we do for your fitting that truely makes a difference. It's not they hype that someone provides a fit service. Our fits makes a difference. But I guess you have to care about being better?
It seems we know a few things about the best setup for the steep cycling. Four of the top racers at the USPRO are in our data bank? Our fit makes a difference!
Check the history and take note of what fitting systems are doing! We take our ideas to the race week after week and have for 10 years!
What more can you ask for?

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