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Another Success Story! "At Full Speed"

Cunning is but the ape of wisdom!

Unlike apes, human beings  had to adapt to the physical demands to walk upright, yet they still had to learn this?  The same is true for cycling, you must learn and discover that you don't just make a living form your feet.  

All this movement towards a urban, chest upright position has huge disadvantage, which is incompatible with speed. Most any fit will allow you to ride slow speed or ride in the pack.
So the real game is determined by the solo breakaway or tt, tri, or mtb, etc...

Truth is, situations are changing all the time and to be positioned for passive cycling (pack fill), using video is not going to help you when the physical demands hit!  Undesirable positions with even the best training will only allow you to run with flock (pack fill).  It then becomes mostly luck for one to drag race across the line.  The other's in the pack, only for the wolfs in sheep clothing to pick you off!  The cause of this bad posturing and lack of understanding is the hype to sell you a bike or their bike products.  Most folks don't wish to take charge of teaching you the truth "Every Stroke Counts".  

Below is a picture that tells truth, but not all the truth.  There are two wolfs and it appears they have two lambs they have just killed.  But there is much more!

There is a picture of two wolfs who killed a total of 23 sheep on one attack, but again, the picture only shows two wolfs & two dead lambs.  The point - there is more than meets the eye or in this case, the cudde back.  Just because you can video someone on the bike doesn't mean you know the whole truth! The whole story!  We know the whole story and we make a difference!

Once again, go buy your skis from any ski retail store or even the pro shop!   They are glad to sell you the products that they have on hand.  To our amazement, many accept the decision's like a lamb?  They really don't care how you ski, understanding that is not their job.  To learn you are best to go to a ski school or join a club in the area. They might even have local "hot rod".  Then the sheep only learn what that local flock or lead ram or ewe knows.  Then these sheep move out into the world, to a larger pasture, where their are are wolfs that will eat them up!

Last weekend  I was near Hell's Canyon at the top of its where it impounds the Snake River. Hells Canyon by locals and hear say is said to be the worlds deepest canyon?  But the truth is, Hells Canyon spans only 10 miles and is the deepest river gorge in North America.  It is also one of the Northwest's greatest attractions. 

Regardless of the truth and how humans go by hear say, it is a deep canyon, just not the deepest in the world!  But don't tell that to the locals, they might knock your teeth out!  I also heard that one rancher who works 10,000 head of sheep in the area lost 1000 thousand of them this year by wolfs according to the source!  True, there are many wolfs in Idaho and they do eat meat.  So there are big bad 120 lbs in actual sized wolfs and it is true they can be stand 64 inches in height to their spine!  The fresh tracks I saw where 5 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide and they where on course of about 800 lbs of elk.  I took my tape with me to measure the truth.  

Just like fly fishing, the characteristics of something are not actual.  You have to measure it and you can't just use your eyes.  I take a tape to find more truth! More times than not that 24 inch rainbow is only 18 inches and who knows how much it is in weight?  Seems that humans don't know how to measure and in their eyes things are larger than truth?  We know this occurs in fitting bikes!

Know the difference.   Bear identification is a very real issueHuman's make up a good story for your attention!  It is true that grizzly bears may be found in 3 areas of Idaho.  I will only say it's a good idea for safety, while in their country to know how to make the observations and pull a tape.  It could save your butt!

But it's sure funny how many human's see a black bear or a blonde bear the same color of a grizzly outside the known areas of grizzly bears and claim it to be a grizzly.  The same people can't even tell you the difference in the tracks or the profile of the two because its not their study i.e. black bear round front vs. straight grizzly bear front tracks, nor where to take the measurement?  Identification for those who have not been a student of what ever is a major problem.  The real issue for a bike fitting is lack of descrriptions!

We had to let a dealer go, because he could not learn how to take the measurements?  Good person, owns a bike store, but can't measure?  Perhaps good at business, but not taken measurements.  We had to pull his dealership to relieve the damage he could cause.  
We do wish him well at his retail outlet.  This is not the first time we have had to cut dealers loose.  You learn the tracks or you are not a guide!

Many don't care to put their reputation i.e. their neck on the chopping block on what is mostly a widespread belief.  Come slaughter time, they might get served up as lamb stew and I don't think anyone who is making a living in their green pasture wants that?

God forbid!  They don't want have to take the measurement and to teach you?  That could undermine what they really want from you "your money".  

Here is yet another true story!  He eats sheep when he wants!  The choice is yours!

sam krieg

Follow up message


A great season! Just won the tour of Bozeman!

1st time trial, 1st Road Race, 3d Steet sprints

Then 8th at the US ELITE time trial championship…

One of the best rides I have ever had….

I put 30 seconds into World Champion Richard FELDMAN… one of the few times I have been faster than him…

Not to mention 2nd at the grand targhee hill climb and 3rd at the porcupine hill climb

2nd masters nationals TT

4th masters national RR


1st place HIGH UNITAS TT

3rd High Uintas RR


Tour of the gila

1st Stage 1

1st TIME trial

3rd GC

Etc! is has been a great season…the best I have ever had…

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