Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who Critique's your Needs?

If you have no will to change it, you have no right to critique it!

Below is a image of the hardest thing in the body to alter! 

It is also the coordinating center that can really make a difference in your game!  Some cerebellum's execute the highly skilled movements better than others!
Serious attention and consideration applied to doing something correctly is key.
If you don't care or not willing, it doesn't matter!
Why do the sport?

Go wake up your luck!

Revolutionizing any sport is a long and a hard piece of work. Advancements in the history of cycling have been slow to come forth.  For most, you have to see if all the talk is true.  You HAVE to try it to believe it.  

We love the race!  So many teams, so many ideas, so many opinions!  Take all the ideas to the race and let the ideas fall as they will!  It is not a place for the faint of heart or of the thin of skin, you have to be your own person and not easy be influenced by others.  Offensive words will be uttered, to gain an advantage or to exploit a temporary distraction, since your are an opponent.  Their quest, to get in your head and curse you up one-side and down-the-other, in an attempt to anger or be a annoyance to you.  Words are power both in the media and sport!

You will even have some character change the fit on a racer, they will do anything to win, just look at all the drugs in all sports, not just cycling!  We had that happen at Worlds with Sue Butler!  The spacer was on the wrong side of the stem?  Perhaps it was a simple mistake, but Sue knew she was not able to do what we have worked long and hard on for her.

Think about someone stealing you bikes i.e. Lance's at the Amgen Tour of CA!  Its a tough game!

I can't tell you how many times someone has been across the pond, and moved one our racers setup because they used their opinion, not knowing what we really do. Opinions don't always address the the unseen quality or worth of something.  

Then you are always going to have people who are attempting to sway you. 

Are they attempting to make a living in their sport?   Are their judgements holding the merits of the sport. These people have a way to question and make things seem true or probable to you at the time.  They base their feelings or biases more on a record to see who they can sway, or income, to get more people in their camp.

There will always be people who make judgement, or arguments in the world of sport.  Have they earned the worthy merit of their approach or attention within the sport?  That depends on the track record or the history of the evidence about the past!  

 Aren't you glad someone was paying attention in science class?

That is the only evidence we know, as it provides the sum of the past achievements or performances!  That is the only reference we can provide, it is the best source of true facts!

People will have strong convictions, a strong belief (that it was no accident) that is unshakable because you want to believe that it's true rather than because there is evidence proving it so.
Just look at all the different brands of bikes out on course and at any given day, one can win over another brand.

Competition drives the high-tech in the commercial or sporting arena.  With all the newer high-tech, both growth and death will come forth, depending on gaining a share of the limited resources.  We have seen a lot of folks and their living in cycling go away!  

The ideas that don't hold water will be tested!  If you don't have a means of well established system you are gone!  High-tech keeps things moving from the "stone ages" of even 10 years ago!  The stone age covers a period of about 2.5 million years, it was a time where the ancestors of man first used tools.  Paleolithic, to Mesolithic, to Neolithic periods, succeed in Europe by the Bronze Age (Copper Age) only about 4,00o years ago.

Wow!  It sure has taken a man a long time to learn how to use tools?  And we are still learning! 

See you Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish dealer so you can see - hear- and feel the ultimate cycling experience. We are expanding the joy of cycling!

I guess that is why we have new dealers coming to Boise, ID to train?

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