Monday, February 02, 2009

2009 Cyclo-cross Worlds

Many learn that in a 40 min. race, getting a good start can be an effective move.  A crash at the start split the field into small race groups.  

Rock hard road conditions in Hoogerheide, The Netherlands, rewards those who have more track and road time.  Marianne Vos, a sprint specialist used those skills to obtain her 2nd World Cyclo-cross rainbow jersey.   She won a gold last summer in track, at the games.

Top American, Katie Compton shot off the front and was able to get a 17 second lead, only to be reeled in later in the frozen hard-pack.  At the end of the race, Compton kept the pace high in an attempt to take the sprinters out, it did not work.  Vos still had a little tt in her at the end, for a sprint that decided the winner over Kupfernagel and Compton.  When you race each other as much as these gals, you know you skills and you know if can  successfully perform a sprint over your rivals.  It goes to show that when someone gets  in the top 5, you have had a super race!   

A crash just after the start of the race, killed the hopes of many, including Georgia Gould.  She pointed out that she had no interest in killing herself for top-15, having to get off the bike and walk through the crash. After finishing 3rd at a World Cup, the expectations can really make the outcome very clear!  She just worked on improving her position.  

The season has been long!


1. Marianne Vos (Net)                          42.39
2. Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger)                  0.01
3. Katie Compton         (USA)                0.02

4. Sanne Van Paassen   (Net)                 0.29
5. Caroline Mani            (France)
6. Sanne Cant                (Bel) 
7. Daphny Van Den Brand  (Net)          0.30
8. Mirjam Melchers            (Net)          0.31
9. Eva Lechner                   (Italy)         
10. Maryline Salvetat      (France)
11. Rachel Lloyd                (USA)           0.32
12. Christel Ferrier          (France)        0.37

13. Georgia Gould            (USA)            1.02
14. Nikki Harris         (Great Britain)   1.13
15. Joyce Vanderbeken      (Bel)            1.34

16. Helen Wyman      (Great Britain)   2.03
17. Sue Butler             (USA)                   2.04
18. Wendy Sims          (Canada)             2.30
19. Laura Van Gilder   (USA)                 2.57
20. Pauline Ferrand Prevot (France)   2.58

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