Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jeff Louder (BMC) Impressive Effort in Amgen Tour of CA!

Wow! It was a action packed day in CA.  Levi goes down from Lance's rear wheel and Jeff Louder who was fit by Craig Upton, owner of Performance Labs was in a foursome break-away!

Jeff Louder is in our data base, as is many other top pros.  Mr. Louder was Fit 10637 performed by Craig Upton.  We track every fit!  We have thousands and thousands of fits.  Jeff has not changed for something else?  Because it works!  In fact, I think Craig is Jeff's coach.  Jeff liked the fit so much he got his dad Ken Louder to even come to us for his tt and road and we understand is also being coached by Craig.  Ken had been in the wind tunnel and after our fit even found improvements. If you can't make power, being too aero will not make you go!

At 6 foot and 165 lbs., Jeff has had some very good races and is a powerful climber. He did very well at the 2008 Tour of Utah - and today had another super performance.

Jeff with 3 other racers made the breakaway from the gun for most of the 104 miles and only had about few hundred meters before the sprinters showed up.

If you know what to look for, with the use of our Dartfish, we can see his moves in the real world.  Not in a trainer! But, just connecting the dots, or watching the "human link chain" is not enough.  YOU have to understand the forces at the joints i.e.  compression, tension, shearing. We're not sharing his fit values, nor his fit computations and that holds true for many of the best racers in the world.  We have a rich history of racers trying new ideas and then coming home to something that gets them results!  You can't just focus on the muscles, you have to focus on the bones!  You would have to get a MRI of every joint in the body to do better, but then you still have to learn how to pedal!

Buy the best golf club in the world, pay the most money for it, have it custom fitted to you and you will still not hit the perfect ball every time.  You have to learn to do that!  Then you have to get off the practice tee and get in the real world, on the course!  Then you might learn how to play the game against hard core rivals.  

Some will protest!  Statement's from our rivals, that our name is not on their kits or they don't have our stickers on their bikes.  We are OK with that! We don't have the huge money to buy a team.  And we know how it works, most of the GM's will not make a racer use a certain fit over the other!  It's like making them eat certain foods, they will do what they want!  Our satisfaction comes when you have a person on your setup and they race the world's best and do well. Top performances and results are the real deal over marketing!  

We know it is only one race, one day, but it was a very taxing race with hard climbs and nasty weather.  A true test of the human body.

Every fit idea in the world was at that race and we had one of our fits almost pull it off!  We are knocking on the door!

One of the foursome "Mollema" went off with Jeff, passed him and Jeff had to work very hard to grab his wheel.  Once Jeff got on, Mollema would not keep the pace "sat-up" in front of Jeff to slow things down. That is all it takes! During the last finish circuit in Modesto, they had the sprinters on them for the last few meters.

What a super effort, to ride that many miles with only a foursome! 

Way to go!  That's racing and racing hard!

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