Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ultra Endurance Opener! Rebecca Rusch gets Early Points!

The ultra endurance opener, a 100 kilometer cross-country race was held Feb. 14th in Terlinga, Texas.  It is part of the USA Cycling Ultra Endurance cross-country mtb calendar.

The season is already here, and snow is still on the ground in Idaho. This is a relatively short race for Rebecca, but she was thankful that the race wasn't 1 km longer.  She was pushed from the start, as she could not get her times or placing. She was the Queen of the Mountain and took the cash and broke the female course record by 6 minutes!   Goes to show you, if your bike is dialed,  and you can focus on each and every pedal stroke, the muscles can work correctly!

This early season success is great for points for the USA Cycling Ultra Endurance Series!

Once again, Rebecca Rusch (Specialized-Red Bull) is now motivated for the 2009 season.
We think it is good that she does other sports.  Too often people burn out by being on the bike too much!

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