Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Day at the Office!

Innovations come from learning a few things and not being a copy cat! To be competitive you can't just copy someone else; you will only obtain the same result if you’re lucky. Most will just attempt to copy the lead of others! Then it is only luck!

We have thousands of fits on record! We know the constraints of many and that helps us know how they obtained their great performances! People in our data base continue to create successful performances (trends) and at the hardest of races.

Science is in our nature! It is just hard to show what we do! We’re working hard every day on our latest technological innovation that will once again revolutionize the sport. The people who are in our data base will improve their game once again and run at the top!

What is technology? Anything that makes a difference in performance from a form of applied sciences.

What is the specific benefit of something? Modification's that can't be seen but provide gains, things that allow you to interact with the bike and provide improvement in your ability. Things that excel at distance events. Simply put, you go more distance easier!

What other features are improved! New technology at the micro level will make a difference, it's just hard to prove and achievements are measured by the smallest %. You have to take it to the race and see if it holds water, and if it is competitive? And only then can you say you see a trend.

A good analogy is how a bicycle chain, although made of metal, bends due to flex points in the links. Now plug that in the “human link chain”. Does a human eye or video see a chain bend?

Experience on the course is great for the office. We draw more truth from the many pros who believe what we do! Another breakaway and two racers fitted by Craig Upton using our Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish know-how are hard at work! Jeff Louder (BMC) and Glen Chadwick (Rock Racing) out making a living when many are out of business!

Perhaps it’s the "best deal for any wheel."

In today's day & time it’s good to have a job. Sure it’s hard work but only the best of the best are successful and have a job. You have to be "the real deal."

Go see Craig Upton at Performance Labs, only if you want to learn how to break away from the norms! Craig has well over 1,000 fits under his belt and he uses our data for each and everyone one of them! How else would we know the numbers?

Once again, you never know who is in our data base until after their performance! The Amgen Tour of CA is the real deal and it has the best in the world racing, and they are racing hard!

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