Friday, November 14, 2008

What does skiing have to do with cycling?

History repeats, cycling has become very much like skiing? You go to a ski school and you don't know who you will get for your instructions. Just because you are in a ski school doesn't mean you know how to ski. Everyone makes their claims to be the best!

"Just because you know how to race DH, doesn't mean you know how to perform in other areas!"

You go to a ski area or a high price resort and there might be 1,000 plus instructors who work for a ski school, some work full time, others work for a living. They both don't mind taking you out on the slopes to teach you and make money. The rates vary i.e. private, group, race camp, etc..., and if you are good enough you get the privates and the rest is for the new instructors.

Each of the instructors has a different understanding of (skiing) more or less of a certain level of move. They all look the same in the lift line, but some might be new and teach only the kids, and are learning their own moves? Wearing the same outfit, ess will be good enough to teach all -mountain.

Rare do you have a race coach in a ski school and most of them don't even like ski schools? The same holds true for school types not liking the ski racers and perhaps they both don't like the free riders? You might best in the gates, but that doesn't mean your the best coach i.e. a ski race coach? Others might be better at jumping 30 foot cliff. sticking the landing and skiing crud? Some might get their lips mashed! But they might be better in bumps?

They might be better in the air to a point, yet can't fly 200 feet. Fewer yet might be better of teaching the other instructors? They might be in some union (PSIA or US Ski Team) and make their money going around the country holding clinics?

That's the business! Its just good to know who's giving you the business!

Rare is it to have a World Cup ski racer, even at the top of their game performing well in all conditions and terrain. In fact, they don't get time say in the deep stuff, as it might mess up their game with timing, edging, where the hands go, etc...

Cycling is very much the same way! Just because you can run gates, doesn't mean you know how to ski the bumps, or be the jumper. Nor is a GS expert or the best SL expert able to run DH! Perhaps the DH person can't run SL or teach a novice?

I think you get the point that someone can have a "patch, or a uniform" and they all are instructors, wanting to make a living in the sport they love.

"They all can't carve their turns"

Then you have to ask the question, how many do this for a living? How many new instructors are there? How many have the eye for the skill you want learn?

Then by the time you learn all of the different levels, you might be viewed too old, not in your prime, not cool enough to be the person who knows that skill?

It is true that the head of USA cycling was also the head of US skiing? The same business model has come forth! Skiing became a government, after all the goverment is a business and wants to make money from the system. Given all the thousands of instructors across and many of them have a full cert., (PSIA or US Ski Team Coach) not to be confused with US Ski Team member some seek their seventh heaven else where?

One of the best ski racers "Bode Miller" in the world doesn't work with the national team coaches?

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