Friday, November 07, 2008

USGP New Jersey - We will be there!

USGP New Jersey

 The USGP of Cyclocross presented by Crank Brothers will set a stage this upcoming Nov 15th, 16th for the nation's elite racers to try their luck in the Northeast's hotbed of cyclocross. Then there is more action on Nov. 22nd, 23rd in Long Island.

We will be there with 3rd Nature owner Michael McTigue to watch cyclocross high horsepower hot rods Georgia Gould and Sue Butler race. Then we go up the road to his shop for a fun filled week of blueprinting motors, and learning how to make some real horsepower. Topics like how to stroke any engine for torque.

We're out for torque, and horsepower and nothing serves it up like huge cubes (cross section of muscles) and a big arm.  Stroking delivers both.  Sounds like a car engine?  You bet, your motor/body works pretty much the same way. There can be more creativity to stroking than just buying a crank and bolting it together.  You will need a good blower to make all this horsepower. 

Come and learn what to do with that info.  When considering stroking your engine, the first thing to grasp is that of the crank throw.  Pick your stroke means deciding the maximum torque, we'll focus on gaining the longest possible stroke.  We don't care if you run a small block or large block or who was your manufacture. We will find a better stroke!

If you live in the area be sure to come by to see how we make some real horsepower. 

3rd Nature "Bike - Body - Spirit"

1382 Queen Anne Rd

Teaneck, NJ 07666

Ph: 201 833-0009

Sue Butler (Monavie / Cannondale) pro is going to show up to the store on Wed 19th., even having one of her bikes blueprinted.  Sue can never get enough of the Dartfish. Then that night to review her race from Trenton, NJ and let her tell her story.

Later that week, "Hall of Fame mtb" 2 time Race Across America Champ, world premier endurance specialists Nat Ross is going to be on hand Saturday Nov 22nd for the full day and that night, hear his thoughts about doing race pace for 24 hours or longer. Learn what it takes to do these super endurance events.  This is not riding just a 120 miles.  Nat Ross has had a ton of input on the Gary Fisher twenty-nine inch wheels.  He is very easy to talk to and will answer your questions on endurance needs.

Come and learn why Nat Ross, Georgia Gould, Sue Butler and so many other top pros use Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish.  Can you say, hearing it from the pony express or the horse's mouth and no they are not Mr. Ed!  There much faster and are much smarter.

How the west was won!

The pivotal location just outside Trenton, New Jersey, has already lured local 'cross stars from up and down the Eastern seaboard and the ones arriving from far-flung points across the country will only add to the tense, hyper competitive atmosphere.

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