Monday, November 17, 2008

Georgia Gould takes USGP Cyclocross Lead!

We had the chance to be on hand in 6-8 inch mud nearTrenton, NJ area for a weekend of a true mud fest! Just the kind of conditions you want for a cyclocross! It had lots of action and if you wanted to do well here, you had to be able to make power, have perfect balance to handle the mud and be able to run!

That was not the case for 97% of the field?

It was a great course to view the many different riding styles. There are as many styles as fit systems and you could see it in the way they raced. We had the owner of Teaneck, New Jersey's "3rdNature" with us to take note and learn why our CAD makes a difference. Just the looks on the faces of the racers was enough to say they where not comfortable as the many systems/ideas claim? The trainer is not he real world!

Skiing is coming. I guess everyone looks the same on the ski slope? Have all the training you want, you still have to ride the bike! Then as the teacher, know what to look for!

The Luna gals are on a different zip code and just rode a way! He saw the difference of a basic road bike idea setup and how it doesn't cut it in this type of racing! That just makes it much easier for the pro's in the know to set a pace they can't touch! Way to go girls!

Now, with Georgia double wins at USGP Mercer Cup, she has landed on top of the USA Cycling National Cyclocross standings. Gould takes over the lead from Laura Van Gilder.

As Georgia put it! There are many ideas out there. That's good, as it allows her to put her powerful skills to work!

Sue Butler blasted from the start for the hole shot, then Gould and Nash rode away, almost lapping the field on a course that was 11 min per lap.

These gals haul the mail.

Even in warm up you have to get your brain in the game!

Georgia is deep into the stroke!

See one of our dealers if you want to really get to the next "Zip Code."

Better yet, if you live near Jersey, come by and learn this week! 3rdNature, Teaneck, NJ
Spending the whole week for this cowboy is bit different! They don't say "you bet" or "a".

As I have learned from Teaneck, New Jersey!
Forget about it!
How ya doin!
I even saw the areas where Tony dumped the dump the bodies!

While Mike was standing next to Georgia's bike in the pits talking "How ya doin" to Georgia's husband "Dusty", her bike was hanging from a tent, as I turned and looked to my right the tent & bike flew up in the air about 30 feet from a hard wind! Wow!
As you can see, it killed the front end, so Dusty didn't have time to talk, as he had to replace every thing on the bars!

Forget about it!

This weekend we head over to South Hampton, Long Island for more action pack racing w/ Nat Ross to is coming to
do his thing Saturday night, to watch Sue Butler, Georgia Gould.

Are they going to do well this weekend?

Forget about it!

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