Monday, November 10, 2008

Portland's (SSCXWC) Sue Butler wins!

Single speed cyclocross world championships was held in Portland, OR.  It is the premier event for single speed cyclocross.  You only have one gear and that means you have to practice.
Some do and some just say "what ever."

We all know, you can't make every horse drink the water. 

Some are devoid of influences!  There are many different stables (establishments where race horses are kept and trained) and they all have their horses and ideas.  

Race horses can be like certain dogs and listen only to one-person , or to their private "whisperer."  The trick is to watch them so its not just flowing out the other side.

You have to watch their ears to see if they are listening!

Sue Butler had her ears out - for the Portland, OR  race. 

"World Single Speed Cyclocross Champion"

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