Saturday, November 01, 2008

Georgia Gould wire-to-wire! Two times in Colorado

Georgia had a few tricks and she also got the treats...

First was the Boulder Cup Saturday and another show Sunday for the N. American Cyclocross Trophy Series lead.

Halloween was over last Friday night. But "trick or treat" was still going on in Colorado.  Her trick,  focus, and that comes from having the know how.  

On Saturday she raced Boulder Reservoir and it is a perfect test track, as it has the reputation for rewarding riders with strong legs, precise handling and a little good luck.  She had the guns!

If you don't have bullets, you can't hit your target of success.  Racing is like the fitting war, and we want to help you become a "Dirty Harry -make your day' That's a big gun Clint shoots! Its very effective!

The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the Old One. I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not throw dice. - Albert E

Regardless of what you are told, what you are getting at the feed lot, the influence of muscle design on the production of force and the velocity of contractions is quite profound (deep seated), and is independent of other biochemical and physiological factors!

The angle of pinnation is key, as it influences contractile properties! This angle of pinnation at which individual fibers are oriented in relation to the overall muscle's longitudinal axis produces the best line of pull. So what about the heart?

You might say that Georgia Gould as a healthy person and has a "big heart" and she does. That is why her smile is real! She's very nice!

So some truth about hearts. At rest, the cardiovascular system in healthy people, has little difficulty supplying O2/fuels to the tissues. During exercise, however, demands on the system increase considerably. Same holds true for bike setup (trainer vs. real world).

Fact, cardiovascular capacity is important in determining performance in endurance exercise.
More important is their technique that employs a more effective propulsive force and minimize drag. You might have a "big heart" like Georgia, be a super nice person, but still can't go fast!

Understand that there is a limit to max O2 consumption to the (motor) and the body's ability to increase the transport and use of O2. True, if you can gain a small % that can make a difference.
Given your motor, stacking your bones and finding your best ROM will serve you well.

There are 600 skeletal muscles in the adult human being. That is about 45% of body weight. That should make it "clear", that it is the major site of energy transduction, and it is also a fuel tank to store energy used for exercise.

Appropriate skeletal muscle behavior is the central thesis of human biodynamics, as it provides for self-propulsion, even the ventilation of lungs (more O2), and in the animal kingdom -

to capture prey, avoid predators, and migrate!

No question, Georgia's satellite cells (myoblasts) that are normally dormant have come to life (a regenerative growth of new fibers). Now that's scary!

Research has demonstrated that satellite cells are activated when muscle fibers hypertrophy in experimental models. Cell activation is one important mechanism of exercise-induced muscle growth.

The trick here is to set your bike up for your muscle to be activated (on or off)! The treat is the success that comes from this deeper understanding!

Efficient cyclists share something, its a smooth relatively high revolutions per minute without engaging muscle groups that do not contribute to pedaling speed.

Let us inform you that Georgia has a (deep seated) understanding of her power and the results are what they are.

Here are the limiting factors :
  1. Cardiac Output
  2. Plumonary Function
  3. Cellular metabolism
  4. V02 - is only a predictor
  5. Parameters w/ training
  6. Blood to the brain for learning!

The appearance of our 2008 USA Olympic mtb member led the women's field in grand fashion, steadily putting a gap on the field racing for the spoils.

We told you in a early blog, this Alpha (has the brains) likes to get the goods first! She gets her fill and allows the left-overs!

With Compton still not able to race and Nash across the pond, Georgia put everything on cruse control for the win.


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2. Rachel Lloyd (California Giant Strawberry)
3. Kerry Barnholt (Tokyo Joe's)

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