Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rebecca Rusch - Competing in Ecuador.

I am a little late, but here is a report from our friend, 2-time 24 world champ Rebecca.

Rebecca Rusch, como parte de su participaci0n en la Vuelta al Cotopazi 2008, estara reportando para SleepMonsters ( Haz click aqui para ver las ultimas actualizaciones...

Rebecca is in South America again, seeking out the best mtb races on the continent, and will be part of the Vuelta al Cotopaxi, a race that goes all the way around Cotopaxi, an active volcano in the western part of Ecuadorian Andes.  

Is this not the way to live?  Travel the world and ride the bike!  

Rebecca is covering the world on a mtb and will not use anything but a WN fit for it!

The 24 hour mtb champ, Rebecca was in Ecuador.  

She and her boyfriend Craig where at a two day event that went on in Vuelta al Cotopaxi (2-day staged MTB race).  Over 200 people and in it's 4th year.  

Nearest city has 2 million people, but they have awesome single track within minutes.  Rebecca & Greg Martin will race in the 24 hour mixed division. The altitude is a very significant factor!  Lowest point is 10,000 ft., and they go to 14,000 ft. It can even snow!

Do we need to say, they will have majestic  views.

Seeing the mtb world!  Ride on!  

The race website is:

Happy Holiday!

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