Monday, March 31, 2008

Here We Go Again! Gould takes STXC!

What is really impressive is that you can go to one of our dealers and get the same attention to details that makes a difference!

Yet, another impressive victory for the short track title!  Georgia was able to ride a tactically precise racer.   She knows a few things about the term "bridging" has she Wendy Simms, then when she lost some pace, unleashed an attach that both teammate Katerina Nash and Simms could not answer.

Just behind, another WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish user Mical Dyck, coached by WN dealer Steve Neal riding solo.  Behind that was nothing but chaos from postion 5 to 10 positons.

1. Georgia Gould               0.25.12    WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish  Tom Coleman/Nat Ross
2. Katerina Nash                    0.07
3. Wendy Simms                    0.12
4. Mical Dyck                          0.12    WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish  Steve Neal
5. Kathy Sherwin                    0.13
6. Willow Koerber                 0.16
7 Heather Irmiger                 0.18
8. Lea Davison                       0.47     WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish  Tom Coleman
9. Chloe Forsman                  0.55      WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish  Tim Carolan
10. Shonny Vanlandingham 0.56     WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish  Tom Coleman
16.  Pua  Sawicki                    1.27      WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish  Tom Coleman

That is a lot of WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish users!  Do we need to ask the question why?

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