Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The 2006, 2007 World Triathlon (AK) Champion on WN & Myo-facts.

Matt Perkins is a above the knee amputee, (Type of Amputation: AK), but that has not slow him down. Matt is extremely active and enjoys skiing, tennis & basketball, swimming, and then took up triathlons and does very well!

Matt is the marketing director of Coyote Design, an orthotic and prosthetic manufacturing company specializing in locking mechanisms for prosthetic sockets based in Boise, Idaho.

Matt is the real deal and was even on the US Ski Team for a few years and has no problem catching big air, enough air to sail over the top of your head standing straight up, nailing it and keep on booking. He then took up cycling, running, swimming, etc..., he has already made his mark in the world.

He has won two World Championships in triathlon, one in 2006 and then 2007 and looking for number three in 2008.

So when you think your leg(s) are dead and your having a bad day, think about what Matt feels?
Many times, you don't have any feeling, and you just have to go!

That is why is came to us, to get his one good leg blueprinted!
We are "blueprinting" is one leg, using sEMG, Dartfish! He needs to have the perfect pedal stroke to hold pace! He can't have the brakes on his only leg! Meaning when the muscles are not working together to move you down the road. His saddle has to be in space at the perfect zone! No guessing!

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