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Why Pua uses Wobble-naught CAD & Myo-facts Dartfish?

I love what the Sequoia Classic promoter Sheri Clark said about women racers.

"We want the women to understand that we see them as just as important to cycling in North American as the men."

Idaho had a UCI stage race "Women's Challenge [from 1984-2002] and lost it due to lack of support. HP pulled out and we had another company stepping up!  However during a web interview with Wobble-naught, including  two present world champion ladies from Idaho, some gals in the background started to dis on Kristin, Reba, and Wobble-naught.  What they didn't know, was the VP of the new support was on that site that day!

One of the gals said "Great we are all going to have to eat chicken pot pies."  Another typed: "Who does Kristin think she is?, a world champion or something."
Many hits came about Wobble-naught CAD, etc...

Why bring this up?  Fro one, our voices are being heard and what you say can damage the sport.  We hear the guys saying it about the gals all the time.
Talk about women racing to most men and they will say "what ever dude."

I coached a gal from Germany, Anke Friedrich who took NCAA Championships in 1989-90 in both sl & gs and the same thing would be heard from the guys or other coaches. 

I also have two girls and I support them and their efforts!  A women has to overcome the disrespect of many who think they don't rank.  

Here is a quote from Alison Dunlap:

"There is a lot to figure out with the sport. Unless you have a ton of time to got to read and go online and research coaching, you're really just guessing.  You're going to waste a lot of time."

"There are thousands of coaches out there and some are really cheap and some are really expensive.  Find one you can afford and find one with whom yo get along.  That will make the learning curve a lot less painful."

Through the years, we have supported the best female racers in the world!  And we will always stand behind them!  How narrow are the minds, to think that the sport is for men only, even calling the gals names.  Those same voices also dislike the lack of money they make, and grumble about the lack of support for teams.

I will say, it is not just the men, but also the gals that dis on their own sport.  With that!
Understand even if you dis on another cycling event (road, tt, tri, mtb, xc, etc...)  that you don't race,  your voice about the sport looks bad!  

There is a lot of trash talk in the game and about everything!  Someone doesn't like this or that because they think they know and look at all the detection of crime with EPO.  How does one know what brings more truth.  How do we put order to it all and bring more truth?

Be ware of hear say and get the facts. That will help your game more than you know "male or female."  We measure everything and then can show you with the Dartfish inside or outside. Pua came here to get more truth.  I am sure there are some who will not like that and will dis on the sport.

Pus wanted to unveil more truths!  To learn what she needs, not what someone else thinks she needs. Why would anyone just go by someone's eye when you can use science to unveil more of what you need?

Why is science not being used more? Science can be proven and replicated. Only science can unveil the truth!
It is not really the fault of the retail outlets, as they have to focus on the sales and marketing of their products. Bike fitting sometimes falls by the wayside here as the main goal there is the sale of the bike. So look at it like this: A retail store has to buy in October and then pay it off by July. That's hard core! They tie all their money up with brands to have them in their retail space and hang on, in hopes to pay them off by July, only to do it again! About 2,000 new retail stores open and about 1,000 go away in a given year! This is a tough game. The major bike marketing company that puts everything together in a box doesn't want to hear that the stem and seatpost they put in a package to save money doesn't fit everyone!
Today you see saddles that hit the $450.00 mark, a handlebar $280.00 and a stem $250, but if the saddle & handlebar are in the wrong place in space, well game over! The positive here is that people have learned that fitting is important. So if you are getting some basic fitting, that is still better than nothing!

Understand this: You can buy your golf clubs, skis, or bikes at any store but you still have to learn how to use them. That is what we do! We use our tools to teach you and show you the truths, not just tell you. We don't care if the paint job matches your eyes or how cool the bike looks when you ride up to a coffee shop!

Sure you can hang a plumb line, but there is so much more. Bike fit is not about getting "close", it's about getting it right. There is more to our service because we care. That is why people like Pua want our service, we are the real deal and so are our dealers.

Why would you build a house without a blueprint? The same holds true for fitting you to your bike. No blueprint means you are guessing!
It seems that Pua who just started using our systems also has heard them all, but she moved with Wobble-naught & Myo-facts Dartfish. And that has made a difference!

Keep a close eye on her! She is breaking personal records everywhere she is going! And everywhere she is going, she is winning races!

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