Saturday, March 15, 2008

There's more than the eye can see!

We measure you and your every joint, place that in the correct range of motion, then allow the muscles to adapt!

According to the game you wish to play, the body needs to be aligned in space for the best movement in and out of balance!

The upper body is a counter weight for the legs to work under.

Even the volume of your chest size plays a role in allowing you to get the most from your legs.
The range of motion of the shoulders can make the difference in breathing!
Take a windy day, add the huge aero wheels and you can have your hands full!

So, even if you are the strongest human ever made if you are not getting your oxygen, well, then what?

Just because you look at the outside of a race car, doesn't mean the you see the motor and how it is "blueprinted."

No wonder so many people have back problems.

The spine needs to work in all directions, to be functional!
A functional spinal unit (image) consists of an inferior and superior vertebral body and all of the connective soft tissue between them. Contractile and nervous tissues are excluded.

Then, there is the rest of you!

What's in your game? Are you functional?

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