Friday, March 21, 2008

Bart Gillespie kills it for Mona Vie Cannondale, but also Matt Ohran has super results! Hmm?

We have been working with Bart for years now and we expect him to haul it as he road away from the field. Bart raced off into the westner sun set at the Red Rock Desert Rampage and against some big names at a Intermountain Cup race held in St. George. He put about 8 minutes into 2nd place when it was done.

But other super results came forth! The founder of Mona Via Cannondale also had a super results, as he got a 8th place. Why is this cool, well for one Matt Oharn back was very messed up from motor cross bikes! In fact he had to get it worked on (cut on) and this is the first time that he has raced pro. He was not a happy lad! Now watch him go!, even pro! Hmm?

Both Bart and Matt will not set their bikes any other way except the WN & Myo-facts way!
That is why Mona Via Cannondale is the official fitting system of the team.

Results are the end all to all the different fits! If you don't get better results, improve your game, breaking your PR's well what good is the fit?

We are the only system in the fitting game that sets the bike up for the sag "you put on your bike". How many times do we see road fits used on mtbs? It is not the same game!!!

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