Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thinking makes it so!

Look at all the different ideas on how men and women should be set up on their bikes. Why?

There are different games e.g. tt, mtb, track, etc...

We see this from the road expert pushing his advice on the mountain biker. Mountain biking is not the same game and if your fit is off it will show. Mountain biking is a game of you and the trail in which handling and power are key! For the most part, you don't have someone pulling you for the long haul. Your fit could be off and you may not even know it until you hit a real climb.

Careful of what you hear! Learned information is placed in the residual nerves. Residual nerves are the ones that carry the commands from the brain to the motors (legs.)

What is sad here is that the brain hears the advice, takes it to heart, and then attempts to learn to control movements that the muscles won't be able to perform if the bike setup is off. Many times the muscles are not working in concert. They fight each other or they fight the weight of a heavy front end.
Again, it is the muscles and the structural elements of the bones that receive commands from the brain to produce targeted muscle movements. If you are setup on the bike incorrectly, it will not stop you from competing, but don't expect to set PRs! It you can't find the setup that allows you to transfer more power into your pedal stroke don't expect to be more powerful.
If the command center only hears advice, it doesn't really understand! You need to see what you are doing to improve it! A clear picture is worth a thousand words!!!

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