Friday, November 03, 2006

A Word from Rebecca Rusch in Costa Rica.

(The following is from Rebecca who is already in Costa Rica and probably just about finishing the first day of competition. Race started at 5:15am Friday morning. )

Hello Everyone!
After three weeks of rest from one of the hardest races I've done (24-hr solo Worlds), I feel ready to go again. I am on my way out to a race called La Ruta de los Conquistadors that traverses the country of Costa Rica. It's a 3 day mountain bike stage race, so we stop in a new town every night. Sounds easy getting to sleep at night, right?! Well, this race is rumored to be more of an adventure than a bike race and average mileage times are exceedingly slow...less than 5 mph. It has the reputation of being one of the hardest bike races in the world with over 30,000 ft of climbing over 250 miles in 3 days. The course is full of mud, river crossings, very technical terrain, and of course snakes, bugs and the typical jungle bacteria. I think that keeping the bike running and being able to make the 5am start every day will be quite a challenge. There is also a really strong women's field, so I'll have my work cut out for me.

The website ( ) shows the daily profiles of the route and will also be doing regular updates. (Note from Mom: Be sure to click on "Last Minute" on the left to see stage map, elevations, race course surface, mileage, etc...loads of info.) After the race, I'm actually staying down there for a much needed beach vacation after a long, hard, good season!

Included below are some links from some really funny video clips from 24 Hour Solo World Championships. My sponsor from Light and Motion was there to capture some of the drama and it's quite eye-opening to watch my crew in action and see how completely spent I was towards the end of the race! So happy internet surfing!

Thanks again for reading and for keeping tabs on me. Mom will be sending out race updates and hopefully a few photos while I'm down in Costa Rica. Otherwise, I will be in touch again in mid November!

Have a great fall!

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MBuz said...

Hi Rebecca,
"by accident" I read today morning your post about mountain biking in Costa Rica. Sounds interesting and adventurous as I spent a couple of weeks in September at the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica. My brother has a surf camp (Zopilote Surf Camp) there, and it was very relaxing.
You should consider one day to come over to Austria where we have great mountain bike routes through the Alps. I'm not a pro like you, but during summer we drive 2 or 3 times in to the mountains. I created a site with some trips in our region, here is the overview of mountain biking tours in Vorarlberg.
Have fun & wish you a nice stay in Costa Rica
-Mark from Austria