Monday, November 20, 2006

Congratulations To Georgia Gould (Luna) 2nd Overall in the USGP

What a season she had! You can't ask for more from anyone. She is one tough gal.

Note the two crowns above in the background! I didn't see it when I took the pic. I guess I should had moved to their right more to get the crowns over their heads. How funny!!!

If you don't know Georgia's face, she is the one on your left. Both gals where mtb 2006 NORBA champions, Georgia in mtb XC & Reba in mtb 24 hour. We have some really tough girls in Idaho.

Science has helped separate Georgia from the pack w/ cutting-edge techniques. This science allowed her to widen her (know how) lead over the competition. If you intend on racing w/ the pros, optimal racing performance is needed in this grueling sports event. These races are won or lost by very small margins.

At this level, a scientific approach is vital for optimizing performance.
Georgia Gould has a bright future!!!

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