Sunday, November 19, 2006

What does it take?

What does it take for an young smart individual to race some of the most knowledgeable elite-level racers on earth? To battle North American's national champions.

Think about it, you are a newcomer and you have captured the lead in the USGP series until the very last day. There is only one race left and you have a chance to take the championships. How cool is that?

A big part of one's success and career is by "Demystifyling" how you bike is set up, what your muscles should be doing, not what you think they should because someone said so? You can't waist your racing career/seasons w/ confusing information. Sure you can read this and that and you will hear everything. But the numbers of sEMG don't lie.

Bold moves by Georgia placed her at the top of the elite-level cyclists,wearing the USGP leader's jersey for most of this 2006 season. Georgia was smart enough to take time (6 hours) to learn the "TRUTH" about your pedal stroke. Most just guess and go ride. She knows that she has taken it to the next level. Knowing truth is power!

With a second-place finish by Bessette and Gould's fourth-place finish, Bessette regained the USGP leader's jersey she relinquished to Gould after Gould's victory in Gloucester. Compton missed the opening weekend of USGP racing and is not in contention for the USGP title. Bessette now leads Gould by only six points.

It has been a "Great Run" by Georgia Gould no matter of the outcome today! What a year she has had.

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