Thursday, November 16, 2006

What is the "Truth" about your cleat placement?

You hear and read everything about cleat placement. Do this, try this,etc... You never hear info on what muscles impact your pedal stroke? No one talks about "what is the best line of pull for the muscles that make a difference? They don't even inform you about what muscle needs the "best range of motion"?

General info is just that!!! Most people don't understand that by adding a footbed changes the cleat placement? How can you determine the contraction of a muscle in question w/o using sEMG? How can you determine the best line of pull of muscles w/o Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish?

Free advise is just that, very general at the least? After all it is "Free." We don't care to waste our time nor yours w/ the generals, that is why we use science to nail the "Truth" about things.

Do your homework and study! It will do you well to study the Tibialis anterior and Extensor digitorum longus "why focus" on it? True, we not free, nor was our schooling & tools, they costed us huge time and money, but its correct when you leave.

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