Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A letter from a real mtb pro.

Hey guys! Would you think of using a different fit?

Do you like the Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish? A smile is worth a thousand words!

I just sent a thank you to our friend "Chopper" for giving us a thumbs up to yet another pro. Greg Randolph is a much respected voice of mtb pros and road racers. He is the real deal and for those who don't know of him look his name up.

Chopper is the guy in the chicken outfit, standing w/ our good friend Whit. Why is this funny, because to see him ride is "Chicken Not." In fact I would say that most riders can't keep up w/ both Chopper or Whit. Look up Chopper and note who he is. Whit is Idaho's mtb state champion. Perhaps, your only time to watch them might be when they ride away from you.

I want to point out that "Chopper" paid for his bikes to be fit. Pros pay for our services.

The point here, if your product doesn't work, it will be found. Sure there are many mass marketing fitting systems that would like to cut our legs or our head off. But results and good words w/in the circle of pros is the real deal. Having the cash to write books, pay pros or hype things up might not be what you read or even see. It either works, obtaining the results or it doesn't. It takes brains to be good and for that brain to work the muscles correctly.

In our game, you become much like a chicken w/ his neck on the chopping block(Chopper)? You could loose your head! Racers will not use anything that doesn't make them faster. You can't give them free services that don't work or make sense, in most cases you can't even buy their respect, you have to earn it. If it is not the real deal, (their underground word) you neck will be cut off! Its black or white and no gray here. It works or not!

It is well know, that pros can hold a team contract,be on that team that uses a certain brand bike, etc..., but will ride another bike w/ a team paint job if it is that important to them. A lot of cycling is marketing.

Again, racers will do anything to gain an edge. That is why we have rules. Look at all the problems w/ so many pros using drugs to get an edge? We need to point out that this is not just in cycling, but in all sport. Even NASCAR pros get busted/fined each week through the whole season for some sort of edge over the field. They get hit w/ huge fines and move on until NASCAR change the rules.

We agree, that everyone should be on the same playing ground (run the same gas.) So we don't want to see someone running hot racing fuel, racing the next guy on regular gas! That is not sporting?

So, would you not agree that it is nice to see something that really makes a difference for so many pros. They simply "LEARN" what they need to do w/in head. Knowing how is what makes a difference! So where do you go to lern how?

Read what Chopper has to say!

Hey Tom

Not a problem. I think it is a great service and something which I confidently recommend people do. I see a lot of folks who are not enjoying riding as much as they could because their bike set up sucks so bad! If it is ok I would like to hit you up in the late winter/early spring to fit my new mtb and road bike. Other than that I really appreciate what you have done for our local kids and that program is really cool for them. Billy is going to start knocking it out of the park for you over the coming year I expect. At some point it would be cool to try this new stuff you have with the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish but the main thing for a guy in my life now is to have a comfy bike.

Cheers Tom enjoy the big island!

Greg Randolph
Bike Promotions and Marketing Manager
Smith Optics

Chopper did our Wobble-naught fit and our Myo-facts sEMG before adding the Dartfish. But even w/ the Wobble-naught CAD, we make you comfy, provide you w/ the most power. Now you learn what you muscle are doing, plus see the outside angles for the best line of pull and the best range of motion.

Do you really enjoy your riding? Do you know what your muscles are doing? Do you know the best line of pull? If you did not use our system, chances are you don't know the "TRUTH."

How can some mass maketing fit show you how your muscles are moving? Reading the power meter only tells you the sum of the muscles. It doesn't tell you which one is doing what? We take you to a "higher self." We change your brain!!!

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