Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why are the best in the game using our service?

Because in any sport, why would anyone not want to be better. Do we play sport to see how poor we can be? Do we take pride for poor performance? Our tools simply allow you to tap into a "Higher Self." There is no better way to gain the "TRUTH" about what you need to focus on.

Even w/ our science, it is true many don't want to know what they are doing wrong?

Our last count was 15 "Stars & Stripes", but Kenny Williams pointed out that we did not add his results. Sorry! He informed us that he took 7 major wins and won many gold's on the track.

I would have posted his success sooner, but he was out "bow hunting for elk" in his home state in WA. It is said that we are what we eat and elk is high protein. They perhaps have the most powerful legs of any large game in North America. To see what they can do in the roughest moutains you can find is a sight to behold.

Elk are not dump, they are smart, and that is how they stay alive! Of course, the elk's streamlined long, narrow body and long legs are perfect for outrunning predators or wind-whipped wild fires. Even when a large predator, such as a grizzly bear, does bust up the herd with a sudden rush, the elk usually run off only a couple hundred yards and regroup. Sounds like Kenny when he wants to put the hammer down on his bike.

To get close to one of these powerful animals is a real contest. Western elk country is vast, and elk are not found everywhere, even in elk country. You better have the legs to climb to upper sub alpine regions of real mountains, not hills like back east. Talk about dryland training (toughest there is)! Most of the time you are above you start at 8,500 feet and go up and the air is thin. Then if you get one, you have to pack it out. That is not like your local gym or riding on a trainer.

Kenny is well know for outrunning (outcycling) his predators. If you know him, look at his legs, you will know what I have talking about. He doesn't just go to the gym or ride a trainer. He does some real dryland training in the snow, rain, etc...

We are a product of what we do (Body Adaptation.)

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