Monday, August 01, 2011

USA puts forth impressive results at Olympic track.

If you have been tracking our history, you will note these names.

Bishop on the Olympic track

After focusing on ultra-endurance events over the past few years, Bishop battled a rough start spot but was able to move up and pass World Cup leader Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic) mid-way through the seven-lap men’s race to join the medal chase.

“You think all is lost after a bad start but the legs just came on,” explained Bishop. “I passed several groups, figured I better at least get a good power file for Gully, and then I found myself all the way up in medal position. Without the traffic in the World Cups I was really able to put together a good ride.”

Four-time world champ Julien Absalon of France had already built a strong solo lead, leaving Bishop chasing for silver with Christoph Sauser (Switzerland) and Karl Markt (Austria). The pair was eventually able to pull away from the American veteran, forcing the cramping Bishop to settle for fourth in the unofficial start of his newly pronounced Olympic quest.

“Bishop posted some impressive lap times after a bad start position. He rode up into second place at one point in the race before cramping a bit and coming home in fourth,” said USA Cycling mountain bike program director Marc Gullickson. “I was expecting good performances from both riders and that’s what we got. The course proved to be very challenging and I think it will produce a deserving Olympic winner next year.”

Quick results

  • 1. Julien Absalon (France) 1:31:48
  • 2. Christoph Sauser (Switzerland) +0:01:20
  • 3. Karl Markt (Austria) +0:01:46
  • 4. Jeremiah Bishop (Harrisonburg, Va./Cannondale Factory Racing) +0:02:19


  • 1. Catharine Pendrel (Canada) +1:32:04
  • 2. Georgia Gould (Fort Collins, Colo./Luna) +0:00:56
  • 3. Julie Bresset (France) +0:01:3>

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