Saturday, August 13, 2011

Alex Grant 3rd & Pua Mata 3rd, J. Bishop 5th, at Leadville 100

First of all, for those of you who think these folks are not tough, step up to the plate and do a 100 mile mtb race. I saw where someone made a statement about fire-road v. single-track. There is always a wise guy!

Todd Wells is fast and so is Reba Rusch and they both threw down at Leadville 100. Congrats to them both! For example, if you have any question's about Reba being the real deal, this was Reba's 3 time win at Leadville, CO., plus she broke her older record by 15 min. I think she's made her statement is real.

I am glad to have had the chance to work w/ her in the past, starting w/ her Team Montrail. She really has worked hard to promote the mtb world. She has earned her keep. Mtb has had a tough rap for the last 10 years, both at the grass-roots and even the larger events. So it is great to see and hear the hype coming back to the sport that really kept the doors open for cycle shops just a few years ago. Perhaps it's the 29er? Only history will tell.

As for racing? Racing is tough, it takes every ounce of mental power, and it's a long season is very taxing e.g. to take a series like NUE 100 Series. Just ask Amanda Carey, Kenda pro, who took 2nd at Leadville 100 last year behind Reba. This year, Amanda had no less than 4 flats before mile 75. This was also her 4th 100 mile mtb race in a month, plus huge driving hours between it all.

This is not the same as being on a road team. In most cases, these folks don't have a GM to wash their face as soon as they cross the line for pics, have a huge $$$ budget and most don't have a 5th wheel/camper or the support, parts, etc... that can make all this more easy. These gals and guys are the soul of cycling, they are driven and they just do it. They do it because it's them against the course and we all know mother earth always win, or was that gravity? But they give-her hell!

Regardless, hats off to all of you tough gals and guys who do these mtb races. You are real mountain folk, taking on the mts., tougher than a pine, and yes real professionals. I only wish there was more support... e.g. cash! In fact, I wish the industry would step up in more support.
God knows, we have!!!

Thank all of you who use WN as their choice, given there are many choices. We can't be more pleased with the company we keep!!! The fastest men and women in the world who can hold their head high, and they can be in the hunt at any race, any where in the world! Look at their results, if not wining, knocking on the door.

Next up? The CX season! Stay tuned!

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