Sunday, August 07, 2011

National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series: Pierre's Hole 100 2011

If you have not been to this part of the world, you have made a wrong turn! Go check out Grand Targhee Resort. It not only has some of the best skiing in the world but also the best mtb riding. It is now part of the NUE Series and it's the real deal. You might want to bring a O2.

This is Amanda Carey's world, steep and thin air, where you need all the power you can make just to finish your ride. I was there and watched first hand how it taxed the racers, really hurting them. Just one lap at 25 miles was a killer, not to think they did it for 100 miles.

Amanda Carey takes her 5th NUE 100 of the year on home ground. That's her 10th overall on the NUE 100s. Can we say "making history." It's also special when you can win at home, in front of the home crowd! I'm very sure she's happy!

Think about being from the SE and racing out west in the high country. That's the case for Eddie O'Dea who gets 5th and his wife Nam takes a impressive 3rd in thin-air and other issues, where people who started the race at 6:15am where still on the 100 mile course at dark the same day.

Great event the NUE Series! Congrats to all who just finished the race.

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