Sunday, August 28, 2011

Alex Grant & Amanda Carey mtb #1 Mt. Ogden, UT.

The USA Pro Road is getting a ton of press, but the Rockies are not just in CO. Utah has some very high country racing and there is some great mtb action going on. In all sports, you have to be motivated, it's no easy task to think you are going to race a mtb for 100k in the high country.

You have to tolerate a lot in any sport and profession and the races don't come easy. No question, there are methods, techniques that can make a difference. If you have done your homework, it will show in the results. These races really test your potential. Specific needs and training allow you to ride faster.

Both Alex Grant and Amanda Carey still have the mind-power, the motivation, to take the high country 100, at 10,000 feet of climbing in what was posted as 93 F temp.

Congrats towards two mentally tough and motivated top mtb pros! They are driven and devoted!

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