Monday, August 29, 2011

TransRockies 2011 - Jon Gould's team WN every stage, WN by hours!

This is Jon's 2nd time as a WN'er at the tough TransRockies. It even snowed on them in mid summer. He came by Saturday to give us his winning signed jersey. Nice!

Jon's team took every stage and ended the race over second place by hours! So I asked Jon how it went. I also had getting his new shoes dialed who by the way has 7320 road miles since Jan. What's neat about this friends mileage is he is 65 years young and claims he can get off his bike after every ride do what he needs. Many of his rides are 150 miles on the road, that's a lot of miles.

I asked Jon if our science works for him, he just gave a big smile and handed me the winners jersey.

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