Sunday, October 26, 2008

USGP - Louisville, KY "Georgia Gould"

She's is one of the leaders of the pack and she's back. She is an Alpha dog in her environment!

Halloween is upon us and this one brings scary thoughts if you mess with her on a mtb or her cross bike!

Think about having to deal with the attacks from the dominate Luna pack of Nash & Gould.
Doggedly having to chase them for contention.

Looks can be deceiving! She can catch her food!


1) Georgia Gould (Luna) Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
2) Katerina Nash (Luna)
3) Rachel Lloyd (Poman)
4) Sue Butler (Monavie - Cannondale)

It is well known that wolf's are very much like humans! Perhaps that is why they trouble and taunt so many people. Bear in mind we will try to explain the differences and the similarities.

The wolf is often used for metaphors to model pecking order. They do infer fright and can, with ease run their prey down in some of the toughest country you can find, and at great pace!

We have a number of wolf packs here in Idaho Ex. "The River of No Return" area.
I have watched them "live" and have noted they are rapacious as they snatch things i.e. (snatch a lead), ferocious as they run down elk (show great determination), and they don't mind taking control of the competitors.

Here is a wolf catching a salmon in Idaho, not far from where Georgia Gould starting to mtb racing in Ketchum, Idaho.

Did Georgia do a night mtb ride one full moon night and get attacked by a wolf and now holds super powers and is beyond human?

She does have a history for riding at night. One of those nights, was her first race where she did take 3rd solo at a 24 hour race in Moab, UT.

Is Georgia an alpha wolf in sheep's clothing? Do you have to watch your back? You do if you are in a race with her!

Off the bike she is very nice! She's just very good at making a living and pays attention to the nature of the sport! Her BA in Psychology has served her well with all her success.

Considering the incredible forces and repetitive nature of riding, you would think most would place priority on their physiological capabilities to ensure an optimal performance in a very tough environment.

To be top dog, you don't need to get your foot caught in a "man made trap" and or have any injuries! It might cost you a living in such a wild place.

You have to be smart to obtain power and that is of prime importance to competitive cyclists.

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