Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sue Butler leads Cross Standings!

Posted Oct. 28, 2008 on Velo News

Following last weekend's USGP races in Louisville, Kentucky, there are a few who seem to "not" wanting to be part of the herd.

Jeremy Powers (Cyclocrossworld.com - Cannondale) still leads the USA Cycling National Calendar rankings, while Sue Butler (Monavie - Cannondale moved past Amy Dombroski into the lead of the women's rankings).

How cool is that! Sue Butler, 37 years young is stamped US Prime! Goes to show you we all can improve our game if you know what to look at!

We feel sorry for those who are not open to learning, all they know is a lot of moo...ing. And for those stuck in a feed lot, who knows what they see? Perhaps some counterfeit tools and ideas.

Can you say John Wayne westerns.

In the old west people ran cattle and with that comes cattle rustlers, "Westerns", with good guys and bad guys. Even today, you might view the area of fitting as the wild west, as rustlers watch our herd, learn (come to camp) use our branding methods, get the same tools and take them to market. They even take our branding irons (lasers) and use them to do cleats. That might catch up with them. Give them enough rope to hang themselves!

Check our history and take note! We can show you their trail, when they started, where they came from and much more. Funny how they came to us to get facts and now using their eye are the professionals. What these rustlers don't understand is it took us 2.5 years of allpha testing and then beta testing just to do our software for mtb. Now they claim they have learned from many different sources. What kind of feed are they feeding you?

Every time we "mo...ved" one of our herd the top, rustlers paid close attention" icthing to deduce what we do. They jumped our trail and followed, no ethical principles here. They saw business was good! And they wanted to "get some". They hold the same attitude of those who make deals while racing or riding i.e. lets work together until they decide ride off. They reflect the person's innermost convictions about good or bad, right or wrong, desirable or undesirable.

We pioneered a number of innovated techniques and its been a long and dusty trail, but with super results. Its been like "How the west was won" a movie, with much drama. Some say we are just a "plug & play" that we are not.

Can you say "free ride", naught! Many of our innovations are now just coming into view. That's fine, just understand you might be getting the "feed lot" mass (large crowed pop.) marketing feed. Who cares if its better. Better doesn't always make you money!
Sue Butler is not new to cycling, and her ego ideal consciously and unconsciously of what she herd was used to measure herself and performance. The basic motive for all conscious behavior can be a very smelly thing if you can't get away from the norm (herd)! She needed to learn more pedaling truth! Status is both political and commercial and she doesn't live here in Boise, ID. But she was able to spend time with us a few months ago.

"Now she points out she is branded, and everyone is gunning for you"
That comes with success!

For Sue we have provided a positive identification with significant and influential figures for her to learn and that has made a difference. Her coach even knows this to be true and saw it essential for her to come to us for her cycling needs. "Kendra Wenzel" who wrote the book "Bike Racing 101" with her former husband Rene Wenzel of Wenzel Coaching.

"There is a difference in training and real time riding skills"
Go to your coach/trainer for that!

Sue's persistence and perseverance in the pursuit of her goals; openness, flexibility, and our creativity in teaching her on the trainer, outdoors, and phone has come true! She is into this this season, at the top with new vitality and power!

What kind cattle do you run. We run US Prime and we have many in our herd. 
Georgia Gould is also not the typical example of a population!

Her needs are not the same as Sue!
In both cases, they have gained knowledge, wisdom, and skills acquired through systematic study and instruction.

For all ya cattle rustlers out there!
Cowboy up and find out what is wrong with Sue's ride while on trail.

I know you have the video tools. But just because you can buy the video to "sizzle" the prime, doesn't mean you know what to look for on trail or in the real world.

She did not do these moves in the trainer!

Think about it! Why is Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish running herds in partnership. Dartfish only has one pard in their camp and its us! That's because they know we know what we are doing. We can get our herd to market and it be the best US Prime!
They take pride in being running with the best.

Not until Sue and I went back inside to review for her to see, not told, was she able to fix something that was very wrong!

The rest is history! She is stamped US Prime! There are going to be many gunning for her!

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Sue said...

A pretty funny analogy, Tom! Yes, I believe that my hard work and training has been enhanced by my physical and mental form on the bike. I am relatively new to racing at this level, and having a 'late start' in my advanced age, I figured I needed every advantage I could get. I did not want to be just a part of the herd. First, I hired a coach. I don't just want to train, I want to train right. Kendra has been amazing and is the perfect fit for me as a coach. When getting even more serious, she concurred that a trip to Boise for a wobblenaught fit would be a great next step. I don't just want to pedal, I want to pedal right. I want to get the most out of the training that I do on the bike. I want to get as much power out of every pedal stroke. It has not been easy. It has been a constant mental task of retraining myself, but I believe it has worked! I guess my continued progress speaks for itself! And I know I still have room to grow! Cheers! Sue Butler