Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shonny Vanlandingham is 08 XTERRA Champ!

Can you see that this person is happy! 2004,05,06 NORBA National Cross Country Champion is now the

2008 XTERRA Series Champion

Sorry, forgot the 2005 US Short Track Champion!

From Shonny:

The race I did last weekend was the World Championships on Maui. I was so happy to get third in my first year of focusing on XTERRA.
You forgot also that I was Marathon National Champion in '07. 5 National mountain bike titles and one National XTERRA title not so bad for an old lady. haha

"I have a a new love and I'm very happy" - Shonny

Look at this!

This could mess up a bike fit! Bending over to touch your toes is killed! No worries, we don't do that any way!

What is
the point if you have a little know how to rotate within the hip socket?

You need race fuel for racing motors!

Wow! At Shonny's house, they have to process the beans on the deck., from her own trees.

Boy, does this stuff kick!

The cool thing about our services is we can go anywhere to do it.

You do need Internet service!

Shonny has learned a few things about building structures!

Watch her go!

Shonny is on the left with her friend Mary.
She's thinking about something we taught her about building structures over water!

It must have stuck, 08 XTERRA Champ, as did the spikes from the sea urchin I put my big toe on while in the water with her!

I had 14 barbed black spikes in my toe and the last one only came out only after seven months!

They both offer to take care of the nasty barbs, and as they started to pull their shorts down? I guess there is a common practice to kill the bacteria. I refused their aid!

So I just used alcohol to pour on it!

These gals just go outside and pick what they want!

A view to the left from the house deck.

A view on the right side of the same deck!

To think that the natives lived on top of these rock platforms!

I wonder what they laid on to sleep?

In endurance sports training you cover a lot of ground and water and Shonny's case a lot of air with all her flights! Hey Shonny, you need a bridge from here to there! Ha!

We are proud to announce as a sponsored of the Luna Pro team member Shonny Vanlandingham that she just took the 2008 XTERRA Series. She just called us as she was boarding her plane back to the main land.

Just a correction before the sharks start circling:

Shonny Vanlandingham solidified her reputation as being the best women's biker this course has seen by turning in the fastest bike for the third time in four years. That bike pushed her to the front of the pack and even on a bad ankle that she sprained a week ago, she still held off all but Kabush on the run to finish in third place and top American.

Pl Name Age Hometown Final Time Purse

1 Julie Dibens 33 Bath, United Kingdom 3:03:57 $25,000
2 Danelle Kabush 33 Canmore, Alberta, Canada 3:04:56 $15,000
3 Shonny Vanlandingham 39 Durango, Colorado 3:10:49 $8,000
4 Renata Bucher 31 Lucerne, Switzerland 3:11:06 $5,000
5 Christine Jeffrey 35 Guelph, Ontario, Canada 3:11:50 $3,000
6 Jennifer Smith 35 Westport, New Zealand 3:15:59 $1,750
7 Jenny Tobin 39 Boise, Idaho 3:16:08 $1,200
8 Carina Wasle 22 Kundl, Austria 3:17:31 $1,000
9 Sara Tarkington 26 Boulder, Colorado 3:19:16 $800
10 Lesley Paterson 27 Sterling, Scotland 3:19:53 $700

She is going to join us when we head to to Hawaii to put on a bike fitting show Dec 7th till 14th!

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