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Horsepower Paradox! Sue Butler (Monavie - Cannondale) ranked 9th in UCI

Its not a riddle or mystery what we do, but it is our CAD that invites speculations.  It's the relationships between the variables that allow the blue-print to route you best moves and boost your horse power.  

Rebbeca Rusch (left) - 2007, 2008 World Champion
Be sure to put the right "tools" in your bag-meaning good friends, good gear and good instruction.

Regarding the anonymous email on our success - Mr Anonymous said, real proof comes from the athletes! 

His question: Why don't they have our stickers and logos on their kits if they use us?

That's easy to answer!  They need to eat!

Simply said: MONEY for burgers & milk!

From what I see, and understand hamburgers and milk are the choice of nutrition of the pros in Boise, ID?

Here is one of the of the autographed photos.  The place we where at before did not have the room to hang 20 plus autographed photos.

Not a problem with the pros eating! We all need money to buy our nutrition and live!  In fact we don't give money to racers or race TEAm's, rather we will go to a race and throw it up for grabs! May the best person take the money and many times it's our race teams!

We have pics of everyone we have worked with through the years and we have provided thousands in money to men and to the gals in their support i.e. $500/lap,$200/lap, $100/lap when the local cycle business would not!  

More important than the attacks from the naysayer who spin things. Proof is our trend or our successful track record.  

The same attitude attacked our first 2001 National Champion USA Road Champ Remi McManus as he exceeded his own expectations.  He was on our fit and has been since. Naysayers will always protest what we do.  Mostly because they didn't take part in it or someone is not in their camp, club or buying from their business.

It was said that the Boise Stars, a elite cycling local team in Boise didn't have a chance of doing well? But they did.   Put fuel to the fire and watch it burn!

You are always going to have some attitude attempting to undermine what you set out to do!
Don't seek inspiration from these people, their statements and arguments are for the most part not effective!  

Stereotypes with negative statements are every where Ex. Being a women meant she was smaller than a man and not as strong!  Ex. Being a women meant she was more compassionate than a man.

Back to something has more to do with your success on the bike. You need a motor, skills and some luck to not crash.  Think about it you are going faster than others, pushing the limits!

When building a motor, i.e., Hot Rod, you best know what type of race you're in for if you want to separate yourself from the pack!

You better make some real horsepower or you will get dropped!  Such development just happened for currently top ranked-9th UCI- American Sue Butler a 37 year young racer who has to race a lot of newer younger motors in cyclocross!

Sue came to Boise, ID and had her motor "blue-printed" inside & out. Unlike apes, human beings walk upright! But on a bicycle man/women must learn a different posture and discover it's no longer the feet but the saddle and the handlebars that support them.

Education has always been an issue with human beings, some apes learn quicker.  And what can we say about the belief systems that underlies an argument? Ex. Female athletes should not race, nor should they get big prize money and they are not like men. True their sex parts are different! 

The same people say that adventure racing is not a sport? That these people are not professional athletes? Because it combines nonstop, action-packed challenges such as trail running, mountain biking, orienteering, rock climbing, trekking, whitewater swimming, and paddling in some of the most challenging places in the world. I guess tri is not a sport?

These people are real athletes and yes they go from beginner to expert as in any sport. They all have overcome enormous odds, physical limitations, raging storms, equipment failure, personal fears, and in one case, even the tragic death of a competitor that Rebecca Rusch now "2-time world 24 hour Champion".  

Fact is, the urban cyclist on their old-fashioned bicycle keeps their chest upright. This has many disadvantages that I am not going to go into. But, the industry wants to get you on a bike, get your $$$ and call it comfort, they don't care about teaching you!

We hear about and read some of the home pages of road bike shops and fitters across the land that say we can't do that? Yes muscles regulate tension according to changing situations. What you do while getting a fit or riding at slow speed is not what you do in a solo effort. That is why our CAD solution allows you to make more power and move in & out of balance for better control.  Sorry we succeed so often!  But let it be know, the faster you go, the harder the crash.
Yes, even the best crash and you only hope they don't get hurt.

The Sunday rider is much like a "Sunday Driver" and has a hard time learning this. They ride with their club and do as they see!  Just understand, at speed the upper body is put under tension so that the legs can work. The more the speed, the more your upper body needs to
be ergonomic and aerodynamic. If you have your chest upright into the wind i.e. mtb, you're not going to go faster for any length of time.

Contrary to common belief (hype) and despite the apparent simplicity of the movements involved, pedaling must be learned. To better understand this, go to a golf course or go skiing and take note of the poor skills. About 80% of the players don't perform well? Education cost money i.e. see a PGA teaching pro or take a ski lesson.

You should not force yourself into someone style. Trying to imitate some champion's technique is not real. Everyone has to express their moves physically in their own way! So going beyond the stage of instinct, by thinking about the movement itself and then doing specific work on that move will improve your efficiency.

Our national & world success has been with 20 different type of people (motors). Not just one or a mere handful, and they range in all ages and sex. They don't even have the same shapes and sizes! Check out our record and note the many different names and the events!  They are all listed for all to view.
You don't race to be last!

Racers watch the track for clues and trends that change the game. It's rare they read all the hype nor will any of them use something that doesn't make them faster. Perhaps that is why we have so many different racers (24 hour, tt, road, track, mtb, cross) do so well after we blue-print them and teach them. That's right, even with the optimal position "what ever that is" you still have to learn.

This is not about one motor winning a single race, its about showing the best trend through 10 years of success (1999 till 2009) not just at the local level, but at the national and international level!

Over 15,000 CAD blue-printed motors - now that provides a true trend!

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines!

The Crank Brothers U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross celebrates its fifth anniversary this Saturday as the six-race series kicks off in Louisville, Kentucky. The October 24-25 Papa John’s Derby City Cup presented by Toyota will once again be held at Champions Park, a former private golf course just east of downtown Louisville.

Last year, the 2007 race saw big crowds, a challenging course and an all-star cast of the continent’s best cyclocross talent. We can't be more pleased with the results of Georgia Gould and now Sue Butler. We are very sure their motors are dialed and ready to mix it up!

This year, the pro cyclocross fields are strong, with defending USGP champ Georgia Gould and Katerina Nash of the Luna women's team.

Challengers include the newer force, Sue Butler (Cannondale-Monavie), ranked 9th in the UCI rankings! Sue has successfully transitioned from one of the country’s fastest mtb finishers into a major cross contender.

It is truly amazing in working with these racers how they take what they learn and mix it up with the best talent in the game. Many of the other riders don't like this and protest!

Bottom line is we can boost your knowledge (maybe), its hard to sort through all the hype and have you ride stronger and more comfortably than ever before! We have already widened the gap over the competition and wait until you see what's coming next!

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