Saturday, October 11, 2008

Monavie / Cannondale 1st & 3rd at 24 hour Galactic of Moab, UT.

The Galactic Championship of 24 hour mtb racing, for Moab, Utah, USA, Earth is under way.  
Granny Gear Productions  sets the battle ground to settle the still-unanswered question in 24 hour racing, can the Eruos, or the Aussies or Kiwis, beat the Americans or put another way: who are the greatest 24-hour mtb racers in the world this year?

Laird Knight of Granny Gear says, "Call it what you like, it doesn't really matter what the race is called.  The fact is it will draw the top pros from all over to a legendary course.  Laird pointed out until they hear of a 24s on other planet this it is earth-bound mtb racers who get the credit.

Long time user Bart Gillespie set the fastest lap: 1:01: 36 in the Men's pro and then he put down another fast lap only one-second off at 1:01:37.  

Now that is what you call pacing it to the second.  Think about racing 29.82 miles in distance and only being one-second from one lap to the next.

Monavie / Cannondale Pro has the lead after 18 laps, a full laps over their rivals and this is not uncommon for Bart Gillespie to be on a leading team.  There is another Monavie /Cannondale team, called 2 and they sit in 3rd place.  What a power house this team is becoming and having Sue Butler do her thing in cross. We are very pleased with their success

They even have Tinker sitting in 2nd in solo.

So you can say that Monavie / Cannondale has 3 teams racing and doing very well.

Game over Monavie /Cannodale takes 1st. & 3rd.

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