Monday, August 04, 2008

Wisconsin "24 hr USA National Championships" Success!

We have been taking Granny Gear Productions 24 hour races for years!

The same held ture for Wisconsin America's Dairyland 24 Hours of 9 Mile.

The men solo saw Nat Ross 3rd putting a great effort, with Ernesto Marenchin taking 4th.

On the women's side Pua Sawicki set the fastest women's lap from the gun, putting 13 min., into the field, then putting the field two laps down and then 18 laps later took the win! She shut it out at the start! Racing NORBA and standing next to the fastest women (Luna) in the world has taught her a few things! Perhaps our even our phone chats about pedal stroke?

Sawicki is now the 2008 USA 24 Hour National Champion, a title she had in 2007 also!

The "Ketchum If You Can" team from Ketchum, Idaho is a very tough group of gals, including long time user of Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish A.K.A pop-corn Hattrup, who if you have ever raced her can put some distance on you! The team also had two time 24 Hour World Camp Rebecca Rusch did what the team's implies! It hard to keep up these gals, Other gals on the team are well known for their skills in skiing & cycling.

Other great effort, as Tough Girls, all fitted by Nat Ross came in 3rd.

It might be said, our mtb fitting really rocks! Or it can handle the rocks! We are the only fitting systems that looks at the sag of the shocks, your pedal stroke and a few other tricks that makes a difference when looking at your mtb solution. Handling is important, as is climbing, as is being able to keep the pace high, even for 24 hours. A road bike fit doesn't hold water here!

If you are going to race for 24 hours, you want the best solution you can have. Your bike needs to be part of you for the unexpected, yet allow you to make the most power you can!

The guys in NASCAR know how important setup is for the driver. They adjust their rides through the whole race for the race! That is what you have to do if you want to win!

This is not road racing where you get to sit in a group! Have your teammates slow the pace because someone can't hang on! This is you against the course and you make your own pace. Very much like the 40k TT, where it is all about you and what you are really made of, except it is 23 hours longer!

What's in your game? Is your bike fit solution allowing you to do your best?

The racers who use our systems know they don't have to worry about that! They can focus on the game and reach their dreams! They know they are getting the most of their game!

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