Monday, August 18, 2008

US Pro Crit - Hekman 3rd, Aledia 2nd , Franges 1st.

Wow! What a weekend it has been for the many racers who use our systems and trust or fits.

There are many ideas out there about providing you with an edge in technique, training, equipment and racing. Just like NASCAR, you don't win every weekend, but we can't believe the success we have just seen all over the place both in women & men. This is not just one person, but many who have taken their game to another level.

We wish to recognize the efforts of them all. Yes they all have their own best discipline and many don't have the access to often-expensive laboratory facilities. That even makes it better to think they can go to one of our dealers and get perhaps the best solution for their discipline.

We view the body & machine to be one, allowing you to better deal with the technical aspects of equipment, aerodynamics, and your best biomechanics.

I was just on the phone with Victor Bergonzoli the founder of Dartfish and CEO, about what we are doing to change the sport of cycling. Victor agrees, that his tool is just that a tool, you still have to know what you are looking at when you instruct. That is where we make a difference!

Perhaps you have seen the Dartfish"Advanced Video Analysis Software" being used for NBC and the games! You still have someone who looks for the details of what you should be doing. We can provide immediate feedback for all to improve your ability.

Communication is a hard thing between the coach and the athlete, in fact the perspective on each movement of performance can be off.

From cost to cost, road, mtb, etc... It seems users of the Wobble-naught CAD & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish took most of the races that they where in.

Mark Hekman takes 3rd at the US Pro Crit. This is cool, as Mark crashed the same day one year ago breaking his heel.

As Andy Applegate put it, big congrats to Marco Aledia of Inferno Racing taking 2nd in the elite crit.

And lastly, Lauren Franges (Tibco) of Asheville, NC won a race on Saturday. She was fitted by Craig Upton.

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