Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stromotion used by NBCOlympics!

If you have not had time to watch the games and see how they use the same high-tech, Dartfish, using "Stromotion" that we do go to the below link.

The Swiss are well known not to pick sides!  It's in their history.  The same holds true for Dartfish Software.

Dartfish, a Swiss company has been approached by many since they opened their dooors to partner up with many in the bike industry, and is used around the world at the elite level to help teach people how to move better, gain an edge and it works.   

So you might say we have made history.  There is only one company that Dartfish  has partner with!

Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish!


Victor Bergonzoli, also Swiss and the CEO  of the leader in sports video software puts it this way, after watching all the different ideas come and go on how to do something, he has watched Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG provide better results, in the many different types of cycling than them all, he knows we know what to look for and then show you what makes a difference. the rest is history!

There are copy cats out there as we have made a splash and even some of the larger cycling leaders are attempting to come up with their own software.  Their own ways of teaching!
Just the other day, they would run ads, that is was their bike or hard goods that made a difference?  We don't think so!

There is a lot in our name, myo means muscle, and facts means more truth and that is what happens.  After you use our solution, then use the Dartfish software, your game gets better. 
No person hits the pedal stroke perfect every stroke, but we can work toward a higher % and that will change your game.

But what is the pedal stroke? Who knows?

Picture a heard of cows in a cattle feed lot, nose to tail, "All they know is what they heard." That is how most learn, hear say, second hand, or what they saw. Now take a pen and shake it while holding it on one end, with great speed it starts to "wobble", an optical illusion, it can be wrongly percived.  

Now think about the speed of your foot and the same deceptive appearance comes forth!  What you see, is not in most cases the facts.  Unless you have a trained eye, most of us can't see what all those divers are doing from the platform, until they use the "Stromotion."

Come to one of our dealers and be fully aware of the state of fairs, no deception here!  It's the turth!  Not a bunch mooing what they have heard!

We show you what you need to work on, not just tell you to make more watts by yelling at you to go-go-go. 

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