Friday, August 29, 2008

NMBS Finals - Brian Head, UT "11'000 ft."

Dog days of summer are for the much part over.  There are a few more races of the long season.

Some hot racing will get started this weekend in Brian Head, UT. It will be good to see what battles occur at 11,000 ft as most of the top racers across North America, including Olympians are back from Beijing.

Series leaders Geoff Kabush (Maxxis) and our gal Georgia Gould (Luna) attempt to nail down the NMBS cross country titles for 2008.  Georgia had a top 10 placement of 8th in her Olympic race and Kabush finished 20th.  Racing at altitude is very different than Beijing. So many of the top guns have been in Brian Head from the stage race last week.

A few of the racers are headed to  a World Cup Race in Canberra, Australia including Catherine Pendrel (Luna) who had a top 5 result of 4th in the Olympics.  

Could the doors open for other racers to do their thing at Brian Head?  Who is going to shine?
This will be a good chance to see what comes forth. It is going to be a good race for men and women.

Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish supported racers took men/women/masters last week at the stage race, plus now they  have over a week riding at 10,000 plus ft.  

We hear about all the different ideas on fitting, so we are very pleased that so many of our top pros do so well. We want to wish all of our racers the best and thank them for sticking to our solutions.  Their results are the end all of the ideas!

Now Cyclocross "Cross Season" begins, a very demanding season.  No rest for the elite!

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