Monday, August 11, 2008

Trans Rockies Update has Mixed Results!

This a a very cool mtb race through some of the best riding areas
in the world.

Men and women are doing well as both Mical Dyck & John Gould use the mtb fit
and are both leading in their races.


1 Mical Dyck (Can) / Dallas Morris (Can) Beauty And The Beast 3.38.03
2 Wendy Simms (Can) / Normon Thibault (Can) Kona 26.00
3 Steven Wallace (USA) / Katerina Nash (Cze) Team Clif Bar 27.46
4 Tom Zidek (Can) / Dean Larena (Can) The Bike Shop 56.35
5 Timmy Dougherty (USA) / Michelle Stopper (USA) Cannondale/Sobe 58.13

80+ Men

1 Jon Gould (USA) / Ryon Butterfield (USA) Wobblenaught 3.57.45

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