Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pua Sawicki Dominates The Competition by almost 1 hr. in Tenn!

MTB  Cohutta 100

Pua Sawicki dominated the competition by staying focus on her game.  Her winning time of 7:44:00 set a new course record for women by nearly 50 minutes. 

She knows what to think, she has a mental Dartfish picture of what she needs and not what someone thinks she needs, and that makes the difference.  The eye can't concern the pedal stroke! The trainer is not the real world.  In the real world, you need something that shows you what you need to work on! 

It was pointed out in an ad, that you can't just use angles to fit a person to a bike!  Boy! is that the truth!  Just using angles, like a plumb line is only a static fit, and that is why we use CAD, to speed balance you, e.g.  speed balancing your tires for the real world!  Things move around alot in the real world and with speed and you are not locked in a trainer. 

Back to angles, of course the fitter will sell you a fit, they know where to place the weights by eyeing it!  They can do all the math in their head?

When you are in one of these races, it is not like a road race, you don't have a team slowing, blocking and many times not racing to get their racer up the road.  It's you against the course and we feel that is a real test of your metal focus and to focus up to 8 hours to 24 hours is hard.
Pua will be the first to tell you that!

Think about it!  To put 56 min., into second place might be viewed as is showing off?  Pua is not showing off, she is racing her own game, her pace, the course and each pedal stroke and that is in a different zip code of thinking!!!  And she does it for hours on end!

Pua has done a few of the top pro women's races and has learned that you have to race from the gun!  Pua went off early on her own and stayed away solo for the entire race, leaving the battle fore second about 1 hour behind!

Seems as the phone calls about ways to race and her WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish are working for her.  Pua is very open minded and learning very fast!  She was even ranked 5th in XC.  So keep an eye on her as she is going to make a mark in the mtb game with the likes of Georgia Gould, 
Shonny Vanlandingham and Reba Rusch many others that use our services!

Elite Women

1.  Pua Sawicki            7.45.00
2.  Cheryl Sorenson      56.00
3.  Carey  Lowery          58.00

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a2 said...

hey tom! Sure Pua looked great....but WN fit athletes took 4th and 5th at the cohutta as well. Trish Stevenson and Rebecca Tomaszewski both fit by me...and I believe 6th place Danielle Musto was fit by Eddie! I only managed 16th...but I am pretty sure it was my fitness not my fit that held me back :).... a2